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AEJS Framework Changelog


  • Security improvements to meet web 3.0

  • Caching and speed improvements

  • Updates to handle upcoming browser security restrictions

  • TikTok added

  • Made the default framework version in AE Release 4.15 (May 2023)


  • Became default version in Release 4.02 (June 10th, 2020)

  • Allowlisting of domains added to redirect flows

  • Added Shopify as a login option

  • Added Twitch, Discord, Reddit

  • Service-wide security improvements

  • All AEJS Settings now passed correctly under new browser security policies.

  • Custom scopes now passed in all cases as data tag and as trigger method

  • Safari browser improvements

  • Removed Google plus


  • Additional opt-in data in AEJS and API (brandID always included in objects)

  • AEJS: Pass through raw authentication info as part of data object

  • JWT added to user registration response

  • New data tag, data-ae-scopes, to specify scopes for any given social login

  • New parameters for trigger.authenticate to to specify scopes for any given social login. eg AEJS.trigger.authenticate('spotify','register',null,'playlist-modify-private')

  • Browser detection improvements


  • Added Spotify follows

  • Follow data tags

  • onFollow callback

  • Added Apple Music

Full AE Release notes

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